Artist Kari

About me

I´m a musician by profession and tenor saxophone is my instrument.
I also play soprano, alto and baritone saxes as well as flute and clarinet and occasionally perform as a singer. My home is in Sweden either in Stockholm or in Halsingland (a few hours drive to the north from the capital). Here on my web site I talk about some of the bands I perform with regularly and those that I occasionally gig with.  


In 2017 I wrote the music for Kari Sjöstrand New Orleans Project and the album Frost Blossom recorded in New Orleans was released on my label Karisma Musik. Reed more, listen and see promotion clips here.
I also write songs in a Scandinavian style and with lyrics, new release with my songs will be in 2018.
I have written a musical "Dit stigen bär" that was performed in Bollnas  (Sweden). 
My music is on Spotify with
Sjostrand Christensen Duo
The New Orleans Project


Discovering jazz was a very liberating experience. A true breath of fresh air after attending a rather stuffy and elitist music school in my early youth in Stockholm. It meant a new freedom to express myself through jazz.  It began with Charlie Parker and continued with John Coltrane, Dexter Gordon, Charles Mingus and many more. I began to hang out and listened to the most dedicated jazz musicians in town such Bernt Rosengren and Christer Boustedt. It was in that world that I realised my true musical identity.


I have deep roots in traditional Scandinavian Folk Music.
As long as I can remember I have been singing and playing the songs of well known Swedish poets and composers like Evert Taube, Bellman and others and I love to play old traditional songs in my own way.
I feel close to those composers and musicians who blend Swedish folklore with jazz as does Jan Johansson and Lars Gullin for example. 
Polska from Djupaviken (K.Sjöstrand) with HUSK


I have toured around Scandinavia, Europe and the US with different concert programs and combinations of musicians. I have worked with clowns, actors, dancers, poets and all kinds of artists. Also playing for seriously ill, for the old, for the young, for small kids, for newly arrived refugees and for happy and healthy amongst us. 

My Life

To combine the life as a freelance musician with a big family has been difficult but now I´m more free since my family has grown up. That process had to take precedence so the music sometimes has had to wait.
My ambition is to create and play music with the most pure and solid expression as possible, and to give to others the best I have. The sum of my experiences so far gives me a unique perspective to achieve that goal.