Larry Turner-Bass, Kari Sjöstrand-Composition, Arrangements, Tenor & Sopranosax, Matthew D. White-Guitar, Alexey Marti-Congas, Adam Everett-Drums, Ashlin Parker-Trumpet, Paul Robertson-Trombone.


The New Orleans Project

Part one in this project, the quartet album Frost Blossom was released in 2017.
(Reviewed beneith).

Part two in the project is the album The Deal was released in 2018.

 Review in Off Beat Magazine febr 2019

Seven fresh originals and the quartet has expanded to a septett (se picture). 

Both albums are recorded at Small World Studio, New Orleans, Louisiana, and produced by Karisma Musik, Sweden. 


"It's hard to flower prematurely, magnolian can get a cold and the first cowslips can be drowned by a strong hail but the lilac is careful, it arrives on time, it has learned to adjust and wait.

So also for the musician, singer and composer Kari Sjöstrand, she's used to spending time, not hiding away, choosing to take a lap with her mind, travel once again to the United States to slip on details and tone pictures.

The fourth album has come under three years and many trips to New Orleans in Louisiana and Small Word Studio, with the best musicians available - Matthew D. White, Larry Turner and Adam Everett, especially Larry Turner on bass is a ace. All compositions, which are eight tracks in total, are by Kari Sjöstrand, they are naturally influenced by her homes both in jazz, show and folk music, for a while I think of Dexter Gordon and in the other one, from a few years ago, Polska från Djupaviken. Most songs are written this year.

If the music is to be muted into a fold, if necessary, it's folk-made jazz. In this album there is a strong and determined language and appeal, sensitive, colorful and varied tone. The technical skill is stunning, but there is a special feeling and mood that is added to each track.

Kari Sjöstrand is a searcher and developer of all the music she touches, she deliberately searches new paths and breaks new ground, but she has a special love for the nordic mold."

Kulturen, Swedish Culture Magazine 2017

The septett outside the studio in New Orleans

The septett inside in the studio