Gå dit du vill (Go Your Way)

Nine songs by Kari Sjöstrand

About our time, about going your own way, about finding homes, questions, thoughts and considerations.

It was 2018. I realized that I had written a collection of songs that wanted to be heard, so I arranged them for a small acoustic set with guitar and bass, flute, clarinet, soprano and tenor sax. So now there is the show "Go Your Way" - Nine Songs.

Kari Sjöstrand - vocals, saxophones, flute and clarinet
Ted Bjurwill - guitar
Hans Eriksson - guitar
Henrik Christensen - bass
Lyrics, music and arrangements by Kari Sjöstrand
Recording, mix and mastering by Stefan Netsman, Järvsö

Orkesterjournalen 2019:

The pleasure of reviewing discs is that you are occasionally surprised by brilliant good music with fine lyrics. Kari manages the legacy of her mother, the author Ingrid Sjöstrand, with fine, thought-provoking lyrics. The self-composed fantasy-rich music is dressed in tasteful arrangements. Sjöstrand is also a colorful saxophonist who permeates the record. She paints warmly with the various wind instruments and her voice in alternation, to a nutritious tone palette. From time to time, she replenishes herself with small everyday stories and clever observations. The drumless band with Henrik Christensen and the two guitarists Ted Bjurvill and Hans Eriksson are very accurately hand-picked. The message from Go Where You Want is well cut out for our jazz clubs and certainly mitigates any dull flavor - believe me!

Lasse Seger - OJ, the leading Swedish jazz journal

Other comments

Marie Sundberg
Thank you so much for the delicious and touching concert last Saturday! You are so good at simple, expressive texts, which go straight in and start reflections. Dressed in these jazz folk tones with just enough complex chords, and performed with your lovely voice, it becomes a very appealing whole. Then I greatly appreciate the instrumental efforts, it's pure joy to listen to musicians like you!

I'm loving your new CD very much. I feel I'm listening to a wonderful blend of Monica Zetterlund and a female Cornelis Vreeswijk, enhanced by your playful and meaningful saxophone storylines.

Gå dit du vill (Go Your Way)