About me

I'm a musician and composer. Beside the tenor sax I play other saxophones, mainly the soprano, flute, clarinet and bass clarinet. I sing as well.

I'm from Stockholm with my base in Hälsingland, Sweden. During the last years I've spent plenty of time playing music in New Orleans. I have been touring a lot and I go wherever my music is requested. Hope you'll find what you're looking for here on my website. You are always welcome to contact me!


Whats going on

After all, nothing is like it was intended because corona crisis. Now I have time to practice my instruments that I do not play as often, the bass clarinet is my latest project, interspersed with my other horns and the piano.

In early March, I went to New Orleans as planned, I had a few gigs there before the crisis broke out seriously and everything got canceled.

See clips when I'm playing alone in the city: Karisma Musik

Keep Your Head Cold, Your Heart Warm and Your Hands Clean!